Please register and politely participate as much as you can and take time to read the rules and post accordingly.

1. You must be a mature to read and understand these rules and view this site.
2. All posts must be written in English.
3. Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.
4. Don't post copyrighted content or images - Don't Post any downloadable Video Links.
5. Always add atleast 1 tag with in your New thread or other tags as applicable.

a) Navodit Kumar forums does not allow one user to have multiple login identities. Multiple IDs from the same IP will be deleted. We understand that there are members who share their IP address, whether it is because they are living in the same house, the same college housing or similar situations. If you are in this situation, please inform a Mod so that they can make an exception for you. Lying to obtain an exception to this rule will result in banning.

b) Please participate. Share pictures or videos with others and thank them for their contributions. We are not trying to force posting but if you regularly download content please thank or otherwise nicely respond to the original posters of the images or videos. It encourages them to continue posting and NKF promotes a friendly environment where hard work is appreciated and welcomed.

Though "Lurking" is completely acceptable, registration and participation is highly recommended.

c) Please use English when posting. Although NKF hosts members from all over the world this is an English language forum. We understand if English is not your primary language and encourage best-effort attempts at posting in English.

d) Please do not ask about the sources other posters use for their posts or how to obtain memberships, username/passwords or URLs to such sources. Such topics will be locked.
Immediate Ban will follow on:
1. posting ch1ld ****ography or any material featuring models under 18 years old in sexual poses
2. rape, sadistic, violence, nazi themed posts, extreme S&M, or extreme perverse material like scat
3. having attitude problems towards the moderators or fellow members
4. ignoring forum rules big time when posting - then there will be no two warning steps posting spam, phishing, viruses or malware

Banning Procedure:
Besides an immediate ban, forum staff use a 3-step banning system. Moderators can choose to use PM's to give you some free advice, but official procedures when a member breaks forum or posting rules are:
first offence: you will receive an official warning, which will be logged.
second offence: you will receive an official penalty, which will be logged
third offence: you will be banned - your NKF account will be blocked permanently
Do not post any:

It can be annoying to scroll down a long line of images and people will complain to the mods/admins about it.

* If you are posting animated gifs, please mention in your title that this is the case and also include the file size if possible.

* If you are posting a link to a video, please include one or more preview pictures and the file size. Any threads that do not contain thumbnailed images or thumbnailed previews for video posts may be deleted without warning or explanation.

* Do not post a .ZIP/.RAR or any other compressed file that contains images or videos without including a preview thumbnail sheet to enable users to see all the images contained therein. Any threads that do not contain thumbnailed images or thumbnailed previews for archived posts may be deleted without warning or explanation.


* Hotlinking (linking to an image on someone else's website. This includes that you may not link your own web site either. ) which ain’t public is prohibited.
Not allowed:

  • all big letter/CAPS/UPPER-CASE posts and thread titles, SHOUTING
  • asking for trade, offering/promising money or any other form of payment/trade for goods and/or services
  • asking the same question or making the same request more than once
  • being disrespectful
  • bumping threads
  • bypassing the rules - offering material that is not allowed or censored in the forum via an alternative route
  • claiming links are not working when they are fine
  • complete quotes when there is no real need to
  • copying and reposting someone else's post(s)/upload(s)
  • creating and using more then one user account
  • hotlinking (direct linking) images and/or media from other websites - use free file/image hosts
  • encrypted links containers (dlc) as only download option in a post - only use as secondary option posted below regular links
  • foul language, swearing, flaming
  • flooding the forum with posts or short replies
  • harassing fellow members
  • insults
  • invading the privacy of others by posting personal data, pictures, information from Facebook, MSN, etc.
  • linking to other forums, blogs, boards, newsgroups or torrent sites
  • linking to sites that are not freely accessible and/or members only
  • making frequent requests
  • making (download) links only available via PM, mail or messengers... links should be accessible to all members
  • political statements in signatures and posts is not allowed
  • posting and sharing paysite members-area passes or passwords
  • posting bestiality
  • posting e-mail addresses
  • posting images and/or videos that feature ch1ldren in general or celebs and models with (their) ch1ldren
  • posting music/albums in .mp3 or other audio formats, use youtube to interact on music
  • posting software seri@ls, keyg3ns and/or cr@cked software
  • posting your own or others' personal data/information
  • pretending or posing as someone else and/or making false accusations and/or complaints
  • promoting your own business or websites
  • racist comments or material
  • requesting banned content: check the "do not post any" list above to see what is not allowed
  • rude or foul comments (on celebs, models, fellow members, etc.)
  • sending moderators/forum staff personal messages (PM's) requesting ID's, movies or pictures
  • signature banners (images) promoting external websites, blogs, forums, groups, etc.
  • signature links (hyperlinks in your signature) to external websites, blogs, forums, groups, etc.
  • signature text promoting external websites, blogs, forums, groups, etc.
  • spammy external links, e.g. userca$, linkb$cks, etc.
  • starting double threads - use forum search to see if there is already an existing thread - if there is, then contribute to that thread
  • swearing/cursing - even in censored form it is not allowed, so no "f*ck, c*nt ..." etc.
  • trading, private ads, offering of goods or services
  • using this site for commercial activities

Things to take in account:

  • add screencaps/preview with movie and clip posts
  • do not double post within the same model/celeb thread or in the Classic & Vintage Magazines, Classic Movies and Other Stuff forums
  • do not ignore PM's from the moderators
  • do not post one image per reply unless you have only one to post - combine them in a single reply
  • do not post short comments or short 'thank you' posts, unless you have a postable reason.
  • do not quote entire (content) posts when replying - always remove links to filehosts and all non relevant images and text, leaving a maximum of 2 to 3 images
  • don't forget to give reputation to users for their useful posts. Give credit where credit is due to the original poster
  • keep it on topic in the threads
  • links should be freely accessible to all members
  • post requests in the appointed request forum
  • post to the correct forum
  • standard thumbnail sizes (minimum 180 x 180 px - maximum 300 X 300 px) must be used on all posts.
  • when posts do not conform to the site rules, we reserve the right to edit or remove them without notice.

Reporting a post: If you see harmful links, spam or other problem posts, then click the REPORT button in that post, add a small comment about it, and press 'Send Report.' This will help us to spot and remove them quicker:


a) Before posting spend some time browsing this board to make sure that the pictures have not been posted within the last 2 weeks. You can use the Search feature (found at the top right corner of the screen) to help with this. Pictures that are substantially different in size or resolution or have edited content will not be considered re-posts. If a re-post is found a link to the original thread will be added and the thread with the re-posts will be locked.

b) People who are posting Scans, Clips, or Screen Captures that they themselves have created are exempt from the repost rule. People who find those things on another site are not. However, if you are posting a lower quality version of something that has been posted within the last 14 days we ask that you post it in the existing thread.

c) When making a post that has pictures of the same celeb at the same event as an existing post, even if the pictures are different, those pictures should be added to the existing thread instead of creating a new thread.


Add upto 10 tags - the Name of Actress, Movie name, Celebrity Name etc - 1 tag is must with Celebrity Name. Include the full name of the celebrity in your post's subject and a brief description of the pictures or videos. If possible include the photographers name, the magazine name or the event and date. Users should have a fair idea of what to expect before they click on your thread. Content from an unknown source should be posted using as much information as you can get from the images or videos. For example: Hayden Panettiere - in a red bikini at the beach

5) SPAM:

Spam of any type is prohibited. Spam is defined as any advertisement of a different website or forum. You may include one link in your signature as long as a site is not used for monetary gain, a retail site, or auction type of site. A link to your own website is allowed providing it meets those conditions. New members that registered just to spam for another site will be immediately banned without warning.


It has been decided by the administration that internet models will not be featured on this forum. These women are not considered celebrities and some of their images contain adult content which posters usually do not remove before posting. Threads containing such content will be locked and the poster will be notified.


Do not reply to a picture or video thread in which the last post was more than 30 days ago (called "bumping"). Offenders will be warned and multiple offenders will be banned. The only exceptions are if you are posting new or updated pictures, or answering a question that had not yet been answered. Requests to repost the pictures or videos or move the content to a different hosting site belong in the "Request" section, not the content threads.


Contact Us / Canceling membership / Removing your account / Other Issues

  • If you want to contact us then use the Contact Us Button below. remember most of your questions can find answers at the help section.
  • if you want to cancel your membership and have your account removed, then make a request via the Contact Us form. This is not an action you can complete on your own.