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All I want was You

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  • All I want was You

    This was a morning of about 5th of that month second of when I was wandering on the third floor of my school building, just above my computer science class, coming from left, when I saw her coming from my right side, in the mid empty hallway, just there, when we locked eyes, it was my love at first sight… she just continued to her classroom. But I Stood there like time have stooped with all those bells and whistles as they used to say in those Bollywood movies.

    What I want to say is neither to digest nor to defecate. What happened with me, I will tell you in a while… for the moment you just read this.. I was from a Middle Class family, from my two government servant parents asking me to study as per my abilities. I was just learning as far as I knew as they told me about physics and mathematics….It was not tough nor easy but it was not much either, as they themselves haven’t solved much. Just a few theories and a few formulas to calculate how you are going to be in the rest of your life. Then one day I fell in love, it was a love at first sight… it was just a moment; but it was like all I experienced my whole life yet. I was brought up to be an engineer and then pay up for all the dues which were spent while I was in school and would be in college later. But I was in love. Looking at the fan for hours thinking about her, and if they (parents) ask me what are you doing ? Just looking the fan? That was my only reply.
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