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From There I See You - Navodit Kumar

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  • From There I See You - Navodit Kumar

    From there I see you, even ask some questions
    And appoint their answers, I have judged
    I have spared all my faces to get noticed
    Still I have an identity crisis
    Actually I did what I could; while I thought-
    Oh, but no matter what I think I come back alone
    Let me bring myself to face this
    I would like to hold, before I lose you.

    From there I see you, I say nothing
    Well, I just try to be me
    What I think would be ditzy to tell you
    If I still say; it would be a bore this way as well
    I never put myself as a point of reference
    Instead, I only pick you and place,
    From this feedback, I have come to declare
    I am not what you think I am, as I think.

    From there I see you, and when I look back now
    I don't know if you have seen me
    I know I lack action and I don't know your opinion-
    My static mind is contracting in it's own gravity
    Which keeps me away from myself, I need myself
    I lose everything and cry; in other words
    I am too dumb to not have anything to share
    But only you know, if I could do anything-
    I could come here to say, 'from there I see you'.

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    All rights of this writing are reserved to Navodit Kumar
    and may not be used in ANY way
    without my written permission. Thank you!

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