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What's Google's FAQ Schema Update

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  • What's Google's FAQ Schema Update

    If you keep your ear on the pulse of SEO, you may have noticed that Google recently made an update to the FAQ schema:

    There can be only two FAQs per URL in the search results.

    If your reaction is… “so what?”, Brodie Clark outlined how this update can impact your SEO strategy.

    Previously, SEOs would mark up only four FAQs to get maximum coverage. And if you added more than four, a "show more" drop-down menu would emerge. Consequently, any other FAQs in the sequence would be displayed only after the accordion was expanded.

    What does the update mean?
    • Websites that were taking advantage of the 4 FAQs will see their snippet real estate reduced. However, websites that were in a lower spot will appear a few pixels higher.
    • In some cases, the query will influence the FAQ schema: For different search terms, Google will display different FAQs from a URL.
    • Google mostly uses the first 2 FAQs being marked up on the page. This means the first two FAQs are the most important, and you should optimize them.
    • Marking up only one FAQ on your page won’t allow for rich results: Read Google’s announcement of “maximum 2 components” as “you should have at least 2 FAQs marked up to be eligible.” This means you shouldn’t remove the other FAQs you marked up.
    In a nutshell, you should review your first two FAQs marked up. But if you want to get into the nitty and gritty of this update, Brodie Clark wrote quite a thorough explanation.
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