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Here's what you should for before getting backlinks

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  • Here's what you should for before getting backlinks

    Here's what I look at when getting backlinks.
    1. Check for traffic, it can't be zero.
    2. Check for domain rating using semrush or ahrefs and match with traffic. High domain rating should not have zero traffic or too low.
    3. Check the website layout and appearance. It should appear like something that people want to hangout in.
    Some sites even triggered my antivirus to pop out when I visit. Huge red flag despite the appearance of the site is ok.
    4. Check for trust flow and citation flow in majestic. Both metrics should not be too far from each other.
    Most sites might have high citation flow but low or even zero trust flow like news site that post about anything that people pays them to.
    These are easily accessible and most of my competitor has it.
    But the best ones actually have the trust flow and same category as your money site. Though, it's super rare for them to be floating around for you to buy in the marketplace. Guest post seems to be the only way.
    Anyway, more and more backlink providers are going for the rent payment method. The link stays on only if you keep paying periodically.
    Meh.. it's much better to build your own PBNs now.
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