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How many backlinks should you create per day for your main website ?

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  • How many backlinks should you create per day for your main website ?

    It depends...

    does your site already have millions of links? Then you can hammer it with millions more, it won't matter (well, assuming that it's a strong, established brand like amazon, etsy, etc)

    if it has no backlinks yet I'd not get more than a few links per week. Of course, you could get a few links per day and still be safe, but I prefer ultra safety because I'm paranoid... So, I'd not get more than 2-3 links a week in the first few months. After that I'd just increase gradually as time goes on.

    One thing to mention for this case, however is that I'm assuming quality links. If we're talking quality links then few per week are more than enough to have an impact, if we're talking garbage like bookmarks, auto-approve blog comments, etc then you can get 1000s of 'em per day and it won't matter (for rankings I mean). They might actually hurt your site...

    And if your site is in-between these 2 cases (ie has a few 100s or 1000s of links already)... just stay within the average. For example, if your site had acquired 200 backlinks (or rather RDs, as RDs are more important than backlinks) over the last 6 months then divide 200 by 6 and you get roughly 33 links (RDs) a month, or 8 links (RDs) a week, so try to stay within this average (anywhere from 4 to 12 links would be safe, but just don't build the same number of them each day / week / month or it will look like artificial link building because it creates an obvious pattern and google might penalize your site).

    But again, this is what I'd do, other people might do it differently. The only thing that matters is when your site has no backlinks yet. In this case you should definitely start off with only a couple of links per week and increase slowly as time goes on, but other than this I don't think there's a safe / written in stone number of links that you should build each day (as long as you don't go crazy and blast your site with 1000 of them day in and out, that's a definite indicator to google that you're a link builder)
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