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Here's how to index your links using Reddit

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  • Here's how to index your links using Reddit

    I've developed a bit of a fixation with indexing lately, largely due to trying to index my stuff in volume.

    While having a constant posting schedule does help, and eventually, Google will increase the crawl budget, I've stumbled upon another way that seems faster.

    The first step is to create your own subreddit. Profile works too, but for some reason, I think a sub will perform better.

    Now head over to /r/technology or /r/gadgets or any big sub. By big I mean huge, go for the big ones.

    Next, repost whatever's on the HOT page. I usually do 5-6/hour.

    The thing is, when you repost something, there's going to be a backlink to your post from the huge one. It shows in the bottom right where it says "View this discussion in X more places".

    After 4-5 hours, assuming you now have at least 25-30 reposts, half or more of it will be indexed in Google.

    After this point, start posting your links to your sub. I'm not sure what numbers are alright, but I do 25-30/day and it seems alright.

    In about 3-4 hours, my posts move from "Google doesn't know about this URL" to "Crawled - Currently not indexed" or just Indexed, depending.

    Point is, you will get crawlers to your website/backlinks/whatever.

    Side effect? I'm getting around 5-7 subscribers a day from random people )

    I've tried commenting on top posts, but this way is way way faster.

    You can automate it with Python and have your own semi/pseudo Indexing API.

    So yeah, sorry I didn't include pictures, but anyone should have no problem doing this, as I think I've included all the details.

    Note: When I say repost, I mean posting the URL of the news website, not the Reddit post. Usually, the top ones are theverge, gizmodo, newegg, etc.

    Done, now let's hope Karma comes back to me tenfold ))

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