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How to acquire Topical Authority For English Sites

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  • How to acquire Topical Authority For English Sites

    Foreign versions of Google are a lot more lenient, shit will rank there with spam and bad content so don't compare it to Google US (or any other G English)

    Topical relevancy does wonders, with or without links. It has worked for every single site that I have built. There are a few ways to be topically relevant:

    1. Laptops (micro niche, straightforward write all about laptops: best xxx, how to xxxx, laptop repair etc..)
    2. PC Hardware (laptops, monitors, desktops, keyboards, CPU, GPU, RAM etc..) - this is also topical relevancy because everything falls under PC Hardware.
    3. Gadgets/Electronics? (Laptops, PCs, Cellphones, Cameras)

    The further you keep going in this list, the harder it will be to rank and you will need more and more content to become topically relevant in each category. I always go with Forum since it gives me a mix of both worlds (more keywords/topics + still topically relevant). I usually hire a writer for each of my categories and treat each category like a micro niche site.

    Another way to become topically relevant:

    1. Doctors - now you can cover (best laptops for doctors, best stethoscope for doctors, best cell phones for doctors, best underwear? for doctors) - the doctor bit is making it all relevant.

    The more topically relevant you are, the lesser links you'll need. If you have super easy kw + topical relevancy, you may not even need any links at all, you could rank even without links or very few links but it will take forever (site age comes into play here).

    Hope that makes sense.
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