As long as you don't overdo it and the side menu link lives up to its billing, (The article is actually worth recommending) I don't see the harm in it.

The key is to look natural as far as Google is concerned.

Now, if you overdo it and you put a ton of internal links on the "recommended article" list, that might be an issue.

But generally speaking, if you look at high-authority sites and how they link, they sometimes linked to the same site several times from several different pages on the same site, and the pages that they link to rank well.

So, it depends on how natural everything looks.

But ultimately, it boils down to the value of interlinking.

Remember, the reason why sites are supposed to link to each other is because the page that you're linking to acts as some sort of value extension or content extension of the page you're linking from.

If that's not present, then there's going to be an issue.