It's "Fake DA Manipulation" and it does literally nothing good for the website, except show a higher number in the Moz Panel.

This has been around for a few years.

The simplest technique is through "Redirect Notices" from Google or other similar sites.

So for example, links such as the below are added to an obsolete Web 2.0 or to a blogspot or to a Youtube description or as a blog post in a shitty PBN.

These pages are then run through an indexing service. And ultimately results in a high Moz DA. This is one of the reason why a Moz DA is an obsolete metric.

How to check?

1.Check the domain in Moz
2. Goto "Inbound Links" section
3. If you see a lot of "Redirect Notices" or links from sites like or or something - the DA has been manipulated.
4. Run like hell from such providers.