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Target Keywords to Increase Domain Authority ?

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  • Target Keywords to Increase Domain Authority ?

    If you want to increase your DA sooner rather than later, I would suggest that you look for target keywords that your competitors are not focusing on.

    One way to do this is to scrape Google search suggestions.

    So type in your keyword and then the letter A.

    See what shows up, scrape those.

    Then the letter B, and C, and so on and so forth.

    You can also use tools like

    Once you do that, you can then analyze the questions and see which are actually related to the search intent behind your target keyword.

    Once you have a filtered list of questions, then you can build helpful content.

    And if you do this and you feel your website initially with this type of content, you're more likely to build DA sooner rather than later.

    Why? Obviously, people are searching for these questions but your competitors are not targeting them. I forgot to mention a crucial step above.

    Once you've got your filtered scraped list of Google auto-suggest keywords or phrases, enter them into tools like Semrush, filter out the ones that Semrush show stats for.

    Only keep the ones that Semrush is completely clueless about.

    This way, the keywords that you're targeting with your website don't appear on your competitors radar screens.

    They may know that these keywords exist, but they don't know their commercial value or if they're worth writing content for.

    But you are operating on a different assumption.

    Your assumption is since people are searching for these and my competitors are not creating content for these, then I more likely to rank for this.

    You see how this works?

    So the more of these pages you rank, the higher your DA increases.

    Once your DA increases enough, you can then start targeting more competitive keywords in your niche that have a higher volume of traffic.
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