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This could be the Fastest method to Rank a Brand Keyword ?

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  • This could be the Fastest method to Rank a Brand Keyword ?

    Depends on the uniqueness of the brand. You can rank it in a couple of hours if it's extremely unique or if it has some better coincidences, it may take one week, as long as you make a solid page, with right branding schema , publish some citations and build your own Google My Business to stick your graph info to the brand (time it gets verified, if you know someone that can verify for you it can be as short as a couple of hours or a couple of days)

    But if your brand is a word that is something searchable, then you will need a lot more work.

    For example I had recently a brand with TLD which was kind of interesting, because it was ranked in almost 1 week.
    It was something like "Plumbers Travel", so the domain was purchased, and with a solid homepage + all the things I'm mentioning above it was ranking pretty fast.

    PS: plumbers travel is just for the example, the domain was different, but I think you get the idea.
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