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What is the a difference between indexed and linkjuice?

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  • What is the a difference between indexed and linkjuice?

    SEO software (not even Google themselves) will pick up, or show you all of the backlinks. So, don't stress about Ahrefs / Majestic not showing all of your backlinks. If you know that those backlinks exist and they're indexed by google, that's all that matters for your site. If the links are good you'll feel their power in your rankings, if they're bad you won't feel anything

    And speaking of indexed, of course there's a difference between indexed and link juice, especially since they're 2 TOTALLY different notions.

    Indexed means that google have your URL / backlink in their database, and you can easily check whether any URL is indexed by simply typing it into google. If you type it into google and you can see it then it's indexed and you're good, your job as a link builder ends there if you don't care about tiered link building.

    Link juice is, simply, the power of a backlink. Not all backlinks are equal, so not all of them have the same power / strength / authority / page rank / link juice / DR / DA / whatever you want to call it (they're all the same thing at their core), which is why you see free links and paid links (the free ones are usually - NOT always, though - shitty links because they're easy to get and everyone has access to them, and the paid ones are, obviously, better and will give more authority to your domain, which is why these links are paid and expensive).

    By the way, if someone offers you "quality links" for $1 run like hell, or laugh in their face because they're either trying to scam you, or they don't know shit about SEO and those "quality links" that they offer you for $1-2 are just like their SEO knowledge: useless.
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