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How to make Google Index your Website URLs and Backlinks Faster

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  • How to make Google Index your Website URLs and Backlinks Faster

    What you would need for this ?

    1. Livestream enabled Youtube Account

    How can you enable Livestream ?
    It takes 24 hrs to enable livestream on any channel and verify your channel with phone.
    Google treats livestream and upoloaded video in completely different manner and they index it within a minute.
    Yes, you are thinking exactly what I have told you.
    Google bots crawl everything from images, text and links on a page before indexing anything, so if you can force google to crawl your links you have a good chance of getting your pages indexed.

    2. A good URL shortner

    I was using a few famous and well known 301 url shortners like bitly tinyurl etc and 7 out of 9 links got indexed in 6-7 hours.

    Now we need to use url shortners ?
    1. They pass authority to your links.
    2. Google bot trusts them so they send them to index.
    3. Hides your footprints.

    Do you know all outbound links from Youtube are nofollow and yet google don't ignore them and it is a misconception that nofollow links are useless.

    3 .Schedule Livestream for later date

    Google how to do it, they are plenty of articles about how to schedule livestream on youtube.

    - In the title box add related title of link or webpage etc for e.g if you want to index a page related to carpenter in canada just type in title box something related.
    - In the description box add your shortened links.
    - Mark it as not for kids, although not neccessary but will be good.
    - Schedule for 5-6 days later or whenever its upto you.
    - Delete scheduled video after 24 hours.

    Now keep in mind that channel can be permanently deleted for spamming, so don't use your main channel.
    Don't add all links in the same video description. Best is 2 links x 5 url shortners so at the most 10 outbound links so only 2 target urls, don't try more they delete channel.
    You can schedule around 50 livestreams x 2 i.e 100 links on 1 channel in 24 hours so you need livestream enabled channel pools if you want to do it in bulk.

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