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Clone your MacOS Installation and how its Different than Time Machine

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  • Clone your MacOS Installation and how its Different than Time Machine

    There could be any reason why you would want to clone your osx installtion to another disk be in a internal disk or external, even if you are using a hackintosh for e.g upgrading osx or moving your installation in an external hard drive.

    Carbon Copy Cloner is a backup program for Mac that creates bootable backups and clones to keep a secure fast backup of your hard drive. It is an excellent backup app that lets Mac users easily back up their entire disks and partitions on macOS devices. The infamous backup software was developed by the founder and president of Bombich Software, Mike Bombich. It was released shortly after the release of Mac OS X and since then, it has undergone several significant transformations over the years.

    You can use Carbon Copy Cloner to not only transfer Mac OS X between hard drives, but also to transfer Mac OS X between computers so that you can pick up right where you left off. It essentially backs up all your drives automatically and on a schedule. It is a GUI that simplifies the ability to clone drives. It preserves all our valuable data on a bootable drive and when a disaster strikes, you can immediately boot from your backup and continue working on your Mac.

    Created by Bombich, Carbon Copy Cloner has two purposes. It allows you to create a one-time clone of your complete Mac and perform regular backups. Along the way, you’ll discover various features Bombich says, “you wish Time Machine did (and more!).”

    These include:
    • Flexible backup options make it possible to create a backup on your external drive or another Mac, or simply an individual folder or an entire external hard drive.
    • Snapshots make it possible to bring back files you thought were lost forever.
    • The app’s Dashboard tracks the space consumed by snapshots on your disks while also providing one-click access to starting, stopping, and monitoring your tasks alongside details about recent task activity.
    • Scheduled backups mean you can have your data backed up on your time, whether that’s hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. For a bonus, you can assign scheduled backups to run only on weekdays, weekends, or certain times of the day.
    • Smart Updates means only added, or updated files get backed up.
    • Receive notifications about backup processes through the macOS Notification Center or email, or both. It’s up to you.

    Besides these features, I also discovered that Carbon Copy Cloner is fast on both macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey.

    What is Time Machine ?

    While Time Machine makes things exceptionally simple for you, it requires an empty hard drive connected to your system. The secondary hard drive can be an external hard disk, an external USB or Thunderbolt hard drive, or an internal hard disk. Even a partition on any of the drives will work. So, Time Machine backs up all the hard drives on your Mac to the external drive, but at the same time, it also allows you to exclude specific drives and folders if you want from backing up. When your disk is full, it automatically deletes your oldest backup files to make space for the newest backups.

    One major difference between the two backup solutions is how the backups actually work. Time Machine quietly and automatically checks your Mac once every hour and creates hourly backups. It looks for any file, folder or setting changes, and if something has changed since the last backup, it gets backed up but with only what’s changed, not the whole thing.

    Now how would you backup your osx hard drive using Carbon Copy Cloner... the app you can use on a trial period as well.

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