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Which Wireless Security Setting is Best for you

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  • Which Wireless Security Setting is Best for you

    1. Open the AirPort Utility app on your Mac, located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.

    2. In the graphical overview, select the base station you want to configure, then click Edit. You may need to enter a password for the base station.

    3. Click Wireless.

    4. Click the Wireless Security pop-up menu, then choose a security method.

    None: This option leaves your network unsecured; any device may join this network and wireless communications are not encrypted.

    WPA/WPA2 Personal: If devices that only support WPA will use your wireless network, choose this option.

    WPA2 Personal: In most situations, this is the recommended security setting.

    Note: Enterprise-level security options are recommended for enterprise use only.

    5. If you want the wireless password to be remembered in your macOS keychain, select “Remember this password in my keychain”.

    6. To save your changes, click Update.

    Note: If you don’t click Update within five minutes of resetting the base station, it defaults back to the previous password.
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