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How to use Xbox Game Bar to Record Gaming Videos and Capture Screenshots on Windows 11

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  • How to use Xbox Game Bar to Record Gaming Videos and Capture Screenshots on Windows 11

    While you’re playing a game, press the Windows logo key + G to open Xbox Game Bar.
    1. Choose Widget Menu > Capture.
    2. Choose Start recording, Take screenshot, or Record last….

    Record last… turns the most recent moments of play into a game clip when background recording is turned on. Set the duration in Windows Settings > Gaming > Captures.
    Find your game clips and screenshots by opening Game Bar and selecting Widget Menu > Gallery.
    To set your resolution and upscale everything to 4K:
    • To capture game footage, make sure the Record in the background while I’m playing a game checkbox is selected in Game Bar settings (or turn it on in Windows Settings > Gaming > Captures).
    • For some PC games, Game Bar won’t appear in full screen mode. To start and stop recordings without Game Bar, use the keyboard shortcut Windows logo key + Alt + R. The screen will flash to indicate the start and end of recording. If background recording is on, Windows logo key  + Alt + G will record the last moments of play.
    • If the shortcuts don’t work for a full-screen game, press the Windows logo key  + G. The screen will flash twice to confirm that the game is recognized. Then, re-open the game in full screen mode.
    • Want quicker access to capture options? See:
      Customize Xbox Game Bar on Windows devices

    Keyboard shortcuts for Xbox Game Bar
    1. Windows logo key + G: Open Xbox Game Bar.
    2. Windows logo key + Alt + G: Record the last 30 seconds (you can change the amount of time recorded in Xbox Game Bar > Settings )
    3. Windows logo key + Alt + R: Start/stop recording.
    4. Windows logo key + Alt + B: Turn HDR on or off.
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